Watching this movie last night again on DVD provided for a good time. A few cheesy lines, but none-the-less a very good popcorn film with high flying (pardon the pun) tension. Gary Oldman is fantastic as a very believable Russian terrorist who hi-jacks Air Force One with the president and the first family on board. Without him, the movie fails.

      Two things I liked about this movie: one, the high number of selfless and courageous acts by characters whom are loyal to the president. Two, and more interesting than anything else, is the way the Iraqi government is so worried about by the Americans in the film. Although it was Russians who were the terrorists, it was Iraq that the American government was worried about. Even Hollywood recognized the direct ties to terror Iraq had back in the pre-9/11 days. The President's speech to the Russian prime minister and the world near the beginning of the film, was a declaration of war on terror. Interesting.

     Parts that don't work: The fact that you can't hi-jack Air Force One is also interesting, but I can suspend my disbelief when I find that there is a member of the secret service working for the terrorists from the inside. The problem is, the story gives not even the slightest clue as to why this secret service agent, decides to betray his president and country for some Russian nationalists. The audience has no idea why this guy is doing what he is doing. In fact, I still don't know. So as dumb as the premise is, it is all covered up by the large amounts of action and tension.

     This is the type of movie Harrison Ford needs to get back into. No more Hollywood Homicide or Random Hearts or Sabrina. Even though you're old Harrison, I think you're still capable of making some good old fashioned action hero movies again. Good to see Indiana Jones 4 has been announced. Hopefully you can still tie a good movie together for your fans one more time.

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