What to say?  Well, it's supposed to be a sequel to "Get Shorty," but it doesn't quite deliver.  It's basically a "Pulp Fiction" reunion with Harvey Keitel showing up a little.  Uma and John (Chili Palmer) even have a nice long dance sequence to follow up their twist contest from the aforementioned film.  Unfortunately, it's not even close to being as well done.  It's not horrible, it's just really bland.  It was worth seeing at the dollar theater, but I'm glad I didn't shell out $9 for this one.

     The bright spot in this one was The Rock (Scorpion King, Walking Tall), who plays a gay body guard vieing for a movie career...yes a gay body guard.  He was very funny.  Vince Vaughn, who plays a pimp wanna-be, who thinks he's black, was also pretty funny, but his character wore off quickly.

     Chili is trying to resurrect his career in LA, but this time, he's peddling a music contract.  There are a number of different groups and mobsters after him to foil his plan; including the cops breathing down his neck.  Cedric the Entertainer runs a rag-tag group of gangsta rappers, the Russian mob is there, and rival record companies and managers are all out to get the hot new ticket in town, whom Chili has control of.

     Not a horrible movie; it had its moments, and it does create a chuckle and a laugh now and then.  The characters are all funny, charming and witty, but the story-line lacks depth.  Worth a rental some night when you can't find anything else.  I enjoyed myself in the theater, but thank God it was the dollar theater.  Otherwise, I might not have been able to be cool.

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