I'll just say it right off the bat (no pun intended): I love vampire movies. So instantly I'm biassed while writing this review. Although certainly not the best in the Blade trilogy, it was still loads of fun.

     In this third installment, Blade teams up with another group of high tech, gadgetry-driven vampire hunters to kill the ultimate evil, that is now working within the vampire underworld. One of these new hunters is Blade's partner's (Whistler) daughter, played by Jessica Biels. Along with the Jason Lee look, act and sound-a-like Ryan Reynolds (Van Wilder, Amityville Horror), the team goes off to cause chaos among the vampires and possibly destroy them once and for all; all the while being persued by the police and FBI. It's all wild car/motorcycle chases, martial arts fighting and spiffy special effects. Meanwhile Ryan Reynolds has a wise-crack for every occasion.

     If you've seen the first two Blade films, you know what to expect from this one. If you haven't seen them, watch the first Blade film, then decide if you want to see more. It really isn't much different than the others; not much of a plot, just an excuse to film Blade et al dispatching hundreds of Vampires, all with the grace and style of a Cirque du Soleil acrobat, and the attitude and style of a WWF wrestler.

     It is what it is. Grab some popcorn and a coke, settle into a comfy chair or sofa and enjoy the ride; however ludicrous and unscary it may be.

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