This is an easy one to review. "Coffee & Cigarettes" was a series of 11 vignettes of dialogue between 2 or 3 people over coffee and cigarettes. Most people I think will be turned off by this one. The dialogue for the most part is not particularly interesting. There are some funny moments; or a better word might be "quirky" or mildly amusing than funny.

     There are a few big stars in some of the scenes, like Steve Buscemi, Bill Murray with the Wu-Tang Clan, and Alfred Molina. Those segments tend to be the best ones. But I use the word "best" very loosely. The ones that are not the best, can be very boring. One scene has a woman reading a magazine, and occasionally a waiter comes over to re-fill her coffee, and she gets upset. He returns four or five more times to apologize to her. It's really slow and unnecessary; virtually no dialogue. You just sit and watch this woman drink coffee and read a magazine. There are others like this one, during which, I almost fell asleep. Cate Blanchett has one scene where she plays both parts. Interesting, but been done before and the dialogue is unenlightening to say the least.

     Filmed totally in black and white, the film just glows on the screen with nothing to look at. Just people I've seen before talking about arbitrary issues of little concern to me. I would guess that most people are going to find this film VERY dull, with no plot. And they'd be right, but...

     Having said all this, sometimes this is just the type of film you might be in the mood for. A rainy Sunday afternoon with absolutly nothing else to do but lie in bed under the covers might provide just the right catalyst to help you enjoy the quirkiness and insight of some the characters' thoughts in your bedroom. This was the case for me. It was late evening; cold and rainy. I enjoyed the conversation. Even if it was mostly mindless. It may actually inspire you to get out of bed and head down to the coffee shop and smoke a cigarette. I would not recommend "C and C" to anyone, but I still thought it was okay.

List of some of the more notable stars:
Roberto Benigni
Steven Wright
Steve Buscemi
Iggy Pop
Tom Waits
Cate Blanchett
Alfred Molina
Steve Coogan
Katy Hansz
Genius/GZA (Wu Tang Clan)
RZA (Wu Tang Clan)
Bill Murray
William Rice
Taylor Mead

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