In accordance with trend Stiller/Vaughn movies have slipped over the last few years, and Dodgeball is no differnet, albeit delivering a few chuckles. Although Stiller's character, another dim-witted one, has stupid "Zoolander-ish" lines throughout, and Vaughn is not his usual sarcastic self, there are plenty of other reasons to enjoy Dodgeball. One being, there isn't anything else new in the video store under the funny section. Crazy characters and a few fun cameos from Justin Bateman and the guy who plays Lumbergh in "office Space" also help the laughs. The different odd-ball team names that play in the tournament (on ESPN 8, "the ocho") are good too.

     Take your average game of elementary school dodgeball, and add Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller, and you know what this movie is all about...balls. I don't think the director was shooting for the moon on this one, thus accomplishing what he wanted; an average movie that would get people into the theater when no other comedies are available.

      I wouldn't say this movie sucked, but it didn't fantasticate either. I laughed a little as the studio didn't put all the best parts in the trailer, and I think the film ends just in time (about 90 minutes). Make sure to catch the alternate ending on the DVD version; classic Vaughn. On a scale of one ten, I'd say its about a 6, for subpar story, un-laughable dialogue, yet fun characters and visuals. Grab life by the ball....or not.

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