The 40 Year-Old Virgin
Director: Judd Apatow (The Larry Sanders Show)
Writer: Judd Apatow & Steve Carell
Producers: Judd Apatow, Shauna Robertson, Clayton Townsend
Starring: Steve Carrell, Catherine Keener, Paul Rudd, Romany Malco, Seth Rogen, Jane Lynch
MPAA Rating:R
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     Critics for some reason really really liked this film. Everyone from Ebert to Peter Hartlaub to J. Berardinelli gave this one high praise; although I'm not quite sure why. It wasn't horrible, but it didn't rate super high on my laugh-o-meter either. Steve Carell was funny as hell per usual, but the supporting cast was mediocre at best.

      The story revolves around Carell's character, Andy, and his untold secret that he's a virgin and, like the title indicates, also forty years old. Once his "friends" find this out they set out on a quest to get Andy laid. Enter Catherine Keener as Andy's first real love interest. Sure, there's some hoochie around that are willing, but Andy wants something a little more wholesome. His buddy's attempts for him end in disaster and laughs each time. Unfortunately, too much of the film is bogged down with their many unfunny and sometimes unnecessarily stupid antics.

      Jokes that start out as funny start to run on way too long. You'll laugh, then it keeps going and going and going. One scene involves Andy having his very thick chest hair removed via wax (which Carell did for real for the film - that is important knowledge). This is very funny, but then it goes on forever and I felt like saying, "okay okay, I get it. It hurts. Let's move on to something else!" This happens again and again with lots of jokes. Most of which are poop and booger type jokes.

      Throw in Andy's crazy, bordering on psycho, friends and everything becomes totally unbelievable. They all work at a Circuit City-type store together where they can apparently do anything and get away with it. Customers don't seem to mind that porn is playing on all the screens in the store, the manager could care less that one of her employees is severely drunk all the time and using in house cameras to show his ass on all the TVs and apparently its fine to come into the store late at night, set up a huge poker table in the middle of the showroom floor and drink beer and smoke cigarettes all night then show up for work the next morning and very suggestively hit on all the girls in the store before going in the back and breaking all the flourescent lights one at a time in the parking lot. Is it funny? Sure, mildly; but it is so ridiculous that i just kind of shook my heads. Throw in the fact that the characters' of his friends suddenly change dramatically for no apparent reason right in the middle of the film and I just went, "what?" Like Paul Rudd's character of David all of a sudden slips into this psychotic state over his ex-girlfriend where he is drunk all the time and throws cigarette butts around and.... I'm sorry, the whole movie is just kinda dumb.

      The one saving grace is Carell. Everything he touches turns to gold; from his "The Daily Show" exposes to the American version of the tv show, "The Office" on NBC. He is no exception here - hilarious. Just his way of delivering lines and how he interacts with things in the real world. Notice things in the background of his apartment like his to do list on his fridge or specific totally dorky pieces of toy collectibles, like a a figure from the principal in "Welcome Back Cotter." Priceless.

      Overall, watch this only if you've never seen Carell before, or if you really like re-hashes of sex and shit jokes that we've all seen before. It rips off and even mentions by name a few movies that it steals from. I did not laugh really hard even once in my viewing. Quite a few chuckles and one or two out loud laughs, but nothing fancy.

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