Friends with Money
Director: Nicole Holofcener (Lovely and Amazing, select episodes of Sex and the City and Six Feet Under)
Writer: Nicole Holofcener
Producers: Anthony Bregman
Starring: Jennifer Aniston, France McDormand, Catherine Keener, Joan Cusack, Scott Caan, John Isaacs
MPAA Rating: R
Running time: 88 min
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     As Jennifer Aniston moves along her career path, she just gets better and better. Her acting ability has developed quickly and she has become one of my favorite actresses. She is the only "Friends" character who has a real acting career to speak of and she is also the only one (save for maybe David Schwimmer) who doesn't play her "Friends" role in every movie she's in; ala Matthew Chandler Perry. I first noticed her ability in Office Space, then she shone and played a totally un-Rachel like character in "Derailed." And now, in "Friends with Money," she shines again.

      Aniston plays the only friend of a group of four who has no career, no money and no husband or boyfriend. Her three other friends have all these things, and by trying to be her friend and push her into career choices and men, they succeed only in alienating her even further and making her feel bad about herself and even embarrassed.

      There's just not much to say about this movie besides the exact plotline. The film is simply a series of interactions between these characters and their husbands. It is a totally dialogue driven film with characterization at the heart.

      I'm just not sure what to say. I really enjoyed the characters and their actions. Especially that of Frances McDormand's character. She's constantly upset about one thing or another and she creates a scene everywhere she goes. Meanwhile, everyone thinks her husband is gay. Another couple is having relationship problems while the very rich couple's life seems to be perfect.

      If I had to label the film, I'd say it's a chick-flick, but not in the normal, cheesy, lovey-dovey way. It's more depressing and much more mature. It's got a few laughs and a few awkward moments. It's not really necessary to see this on the big screen. The rental will be fine.

      Short story shorter, I dug it. It probably won't be for everyone who wants action and intensity. It was just fun to see how these different people handle various situations. Each actor plays their part perfectly and everything is just fun to watch take place. I know this is probably the worst review I've ever written, but there's just not much to say. Either you'll like the charcters or you won't. I recommend checking it out though. Because I think you will. Especially if you're a Jennifer Aniston fan.

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