Matt Damon and Casey Affleck get lost in the desert and walk around for a while. This was quite possibly the most boring movie I HAVE EVER WATCHED! There are no situations (other than the fact that they're lost), there is very little dialogue and it is soooooo slow. I fast forwarded through probably 3/4 of this movie and didn't miss a thing.

      If you wanna watch Matt Damon and Casey Affleck walking and thinking, this movie is for you. If you like watching clouds pass overhead for literally 5 minutes at least 4 times in a film, your name is written all over this.

      Two redeeming features: the little dialogue there was, was all improvised. Second, there were a few nice shots of the desert. That's it. I swear I am not exaggerating at all. There was literally one scene where it is a close-up of the two guys faces while they walk in silence for almost 10 minutes. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! You are better served playing UNO with yourself.

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