Ok...The Grudge.  Uh, it's "The Ring" again.  A japanese film remade for Americans' "enjoyment."  Creepy creatures, oddly similar to those in "The Ring," terrorize a bunch of people for going into a haunted house.  Ho-hum.
Sarah Michelle Gellar in The Grudge

      It had it's freaky moments, especially in the beginning; but after a while, the "creppy creatures" begin to lose their dramatic effect and become almost laughable; not to mention they make this weird burping sound everywhere they appear.

      The Grudge is just your basic run of the mill stupid horror flick.  Lot's of quiet scenes while the protagonist creeps into a dark room after hearing some strange sounds, then as if we're not expecting it, there's a loud orchestral chord and a cat jumps out of nowhere with a screech, just to give us a jolt.

      I can imagine the people in the theater screaming at the movie screen the same thing I would scream at the people entering the theater, "don't go down there, don't go down there!"