High Tension

      Gives a new meaning to the term - "getting head." High Tension is your basic slasher flick. Girls out in the country, mad-man on the loose, must escape. Watch the blood squirt and body count rise; if that's your thing. A re-issue of a French film that had an NC-17 rating, but was toned down a little for the American audience...too bad.

      A couple of things that made this different than your average "Friday the 13th" type movie: one, the violence in this film was not cheesy like those 80's film. It was rough and brutal and is not for queesy stomachs. Two, one of the girls is not a helpless idiot. Indeed, this little girl fights back and is not who she appears to be.

      This is a french film and I was a little disappointed that it was mostly over-dubbed sans the subtitles...I hate that. Although sometimes the characters do speak French with subtitles, it was not always. In fact, I was very confused about the language selections. Why were there subtitles in some parts and over-dubs in others? The voices were the same, yet they only spoke English some of the time. Also, near the beginning, the girls sing along word for word with a Spanish song playing on the radio. The whole thing was a little confusing, but I guess it doesn't really matter because of the very little talking dialogue when a woman gets her head sliced off with a straight-edge razor does it?

      Another thing I didn't really like was the killer. He just wasn't scary or even mysterious to me. The makers of the film show his face a number of times and he looks like a sixty-year-old Cabbage Patch Kid. Plus, he spoke French, which makes him sound like a dainty priss from the theater.

This doesn't bode well
      Without giving anything away, the ending is...well, different. It leaves more than a few holes in the screen, but at least the director tried to end things on a more unorthodox note. Not the killer suddenly opening his eye just before the end credits role for example. You'll have to see it for yourself, but I guess I would say that there are about 100 other movies I would recommened before this one. However, as far as the latest crop of "horror" films is concerned, I would say this is one of the best. I am so sick of those Japanese remakes that are just cliche and insulting to my intelligence. Anyway, this is really just another slasher film for the most part, so take it or leave it.

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