Not really sure about this one, so this will be a short review. I think I really need to see this one a second time to give it an honest review. There was definitely some top-notch acting; especially by Jason Schwartzman and Mark Wahlberg. Seeing this one on my day off on a Monday morning was maybe a bad decision. A little bit deeper thinking than I had originally thought it would be. A guy played by Jason Schwartzman hires two existential detectives to follow him around and try and help him make sense of his shambled life. Silliness ensues and convolution abounds. The overall style of the film is comic yet sad; deep yet childish; simple yet complicated, and in a word: weird.

      I can't recommend this film to a broad audience. I think a select few will really enjoy this film and maybe consider one of the best of the year. Others will miss the point and go home scratching their heads. I walked away with a sense of well-being throughout, and got some laughs, and some introspective on myself and the world, but I would not give it a thumbs up. I will see it again soon, and concoct a new analysis. But if you're in it just for the tremendous acting, you'll love it. The full cast can be viewed here.

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