March of the Penguins

Basically just a long National Geogrpahic special about penguins. It reminds me of those reel to reel films we used to watch in grade school when the teachers wanted a few moments to themselves and locked us in a room for an hour to watch the life story of 2 panda bears (or gazelles or cheetahs or honey bees, etc.) narrated by a soft spoken British guy. In this case however, it is narrated by Morgan Freeman.

      It wasn't bad, there was just nothing special or new about any of it. Penguins walk a long way, cute things happen, mating occurs, predators lurk, death, more cute stuff, braving the elements, more traveling... "and then, like their ancestors before them, the process begins all over again in the spring." There's nothing more to say. A better documentary on birds would be 2001's "Winged Migration." Anyway, it was kinda neat, but don't spend any money or too much time on this one. Rated G, not even the kids in the theater were too impressed. They started to get impatient and antsy fairly early.

      There were some neat landscape and bird shots though: