Meet the Fockers

Just another one of those films that should've been left alone (as with most films of this ilk). Now, to explain myself, I must first state that although I learned to appreciate the first film, "Meet the Parents," I was not immediately a big fan. It is the film that should've been titled "A Series of Ridiculously Unfortunate Events."

     Ben Stiller once again plays the human punching bag. Always the brunt of jokes, accusations and anything that could possibly go wrong for him does. It is much like the HBO series "Curb Your Enthusiasm," but without the originality and wit. Everything always go wrong for our "hero." It is a series of over-used and un-funny jokes. Gay Focker was funny in the first film, after the 10th time we hear it in this one, you just want to puke.

     Instead of being funny, it is just frustrating. Things that just couldn't happen, happen; and it bugs me. For example, the damn cat (Jinx) opens something that can get Gaylord in trouble. It is not an accident; it is not a coincidence. The cat simply walks up to this object, open it, and walks away. As if the cat is personally out to get Greg too. It is this kind of crap that just makes me groan. Unfortunately, this is the way the whole film happens for Greg, much like the first film; but this time, like I said, not very funny.

      Dustin Hoffman was pretty entertaining. Not really because he was all that funny, but just because it is fun to see Dustin Hoffman acting kind of idiotic. But now a word about DeNiro. At the risk of alienating every single one of my readers, I think DeNiro is by far the most over rated actor ever. Not that he is really that bad, he's actually decent; but I constantly hear the words DeNiro and greatest actor in the same sentence. it drives me crazy. He is the most one-dimensional actor ever. He plays the same character in almost all of his films. He has been trying to ditch his "tough-guy" attitude as of late. But also, it seems like that is all he is doing. And they are all forgettable throwaway films (Analyze This, Sharktale, Showtime and this Focker series).

      I understand the urge to see this film as it continues the adventures of characters from a definite new classic, but trust me, it's just not up to par. Jack (DeNiro) goes even further overboard in his asshole-ness, and the rest of the family is just boring; as is the used story-line.