Mr. & Mrs. Smith

      It's obviously summertime. Hollywood doles out these ridiculous action-packed no-brainers with all the big stars for us suckers to go shell out $10 on. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, especially on a Friday evening, that's exactly what you're looking for. A semi-hip, sexy, no-thought involved, forgetttable popcorn flick. "Smith" delivers on all these levels.

      You'll leave the theater with nothing really to talk about or discuss (hence this very short review), unless you wanna talk about Pitt and Jolie. After all, they're the only reason this film was made. Two of the best looking actors pitted (no pun intended) against each other in a twisted action/comedy of sex and violence. We all know the premise: a married couple of 5 (or 6) years have no idea they are both deadly, paid assissins. One day they both are assigned to the same mark and discover each other's secret lives. The film then turns into an unorthodox way of solving marital disputes: firing fully automatic weapons at each other, heaving large knives at one another and a mini-van chase on the interstate. What marriage counselor can top this?

In a nutshell:
"When Harry Met Sally" directed by John Woo.
Classic Vince Vaughn adds a few moments of comic relief that really help the film along when it needs it most.
The score is dainty and delightful, giving an additional dash of irony to each scene; along with some funk and rock classics in appropriate areas.
The chemistry between the two stars is unmistakable.
Not particularly witty, yet somehow the film is able to derive a few chuckles from the audience.
Very little down-time. It goes and goes up and down until the audience has had all they can handle, then they're given some more.

      Plot means nothing. It's all about the chemistry and the action. Nothing to think about; just sit back, forget about everything and have some fun. I agree with most of the other critics in this case (a rarity). It's nothing special and not really even all that good, but fun was had by all and I'd recommend it, and probably even see it again one day. Take a chance and have some fun. If you've seen the trailer, you'll get the idea.

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