What a delightful surprise! Although completely unbelieveable, it was an original and great story, with a bunch of little American history lessons along the way. Nicolas Cage plays treasure hunter Ben Franklin, searching for the lost treasure of The Knights Templar. After realizing there is a clue as to its location on the back of the Declaration of Independence, he decides to steal it. From clue to clue, location to location, and bullet to bullet, the adventure that ensues takes off with little predictability, but a lot of fun.

      Although many reviews have compared National Treasure to the likes of Alan Quartermain or Indiana Jones, I found it to be very dissimilar to these stories in many ways; as it takes place mostly in the city, and also in the present. Bad guys and of course the FBI are only a half step behind Franklin.

      Rated PG for I guess intense action (there is little cussing, no nudity or excessive violence), it is a film for all. If you're looking for hip dialogue or realistic drama, look away. But if you're in the mood for fun and adventure, look no further than the back of a hundred dollar bill. Confused? You'll see what I mean if you see National Treasure. Grade A.

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