The only thing really stimulating about this film is Soderbergh's directing style. The rest was a half-assed attempt to appear as a believeable sequel. The events that take place are slightly convoluted, but at the same time predictable. Julia Robert's role in the heist was so obvious, and the ending (with the whole "how we did it" scene) was a total cop out.

      Pro reviewer after reviewer remarked time and again about how this whole movie was just an excuse to get all these stars together and have a blast in Europe. That's exactly what it was. Let's make a movie that we know everyone will go to see, and we'll film it in Amsterdam. Bring the champagne!

      It wasn't horrible. I had some fun, and there are definite dialogue moments of near genius. Plus, there's at least one star and/or character that everyone loves in the group (for me it's Don Cheadle as Basher, and the duo of Casey Affleck and Scott Caan). It was worth the price of admission, which for me was free, so let's just hope Danny Ocean doesn't have a kid. We all know how unlucky 13 can be.

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