Director: Wes Craven (A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, The Hills Have Eyes)
Writer: Carl Ellsworth & Dan Foos
Screenplay: Carl Ellsworth
Producers: Chris Bender, Marianne Maddalena
Starring: Rachel McAdams, Cillian Murphy, Brian Cox, Jayma Mays
MPAA Rating:PG-13
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This film epitomizes exactly why I tend to stray from the cineplex this time of year. Simply put, there is nothing out there I want to see right now. But my addiction compels me and I find myself wandering into a theater even though I just know there is something better I could be doing with my time. It is the end of August; God, time goes fast. But not fast enough while watching this drivel. I can't believe the amount of positive reviews this film is getting!

     Do critics owe something to Wes Craven? Is it just such a slow movie season, that they have to say something positive to get people to come to the theater? Or do I just not get it? Or do they just not get it? I think the answer lies within the last question. Because this is a slight departure from Craven's past, they (critics) think it's great. I don't care who the actor or director involved in a film is, if I think its cliche and absurd, I'll say it. So I'll say it...Red-Eye is cliche and absurd.

     Lisa Reisart (Rachel McAdams) plays a hotel manager who is boarding a plane to Miami. At the airport she meets Jack (Cillian Murphy), a nice guy who happens to know her favorite drink and also happens to be sitting right next to her on the plane. Uh, red flag Lisa! Of course, it turns out Jack is our antagonist and will hurt someone close to Lisa if she does not comply with his wishes. She is not alerted to this fact until they are already in the air.

     Let's completely leave out the fact that I like Cillian Murphy (Batman Returns, 28 Days Later) a lot, and look at the film as a complete project. Start with the trailer. It tells you everything you need to know about the movie. It will ruin all surprises and let's you know pretty much everything that will happen. Next, the set-up. Our heroine, Lisa, meets Jack (whose last name is Rippner by the way) in the airport and they flirt and talk for approximately 30 minutes (out of 80) before the real story finally emerges. Since I've seen the trailer and the fact that I know Wes Craven doesn't make romance movies, this entire 30 minutes is POINTLESS! Fianlly, they are on board the plane and in the air. Due to the "delicate" nature of what Jack's job is, things must remain fairly quiet on board the plane as to not arouse suspision. So really, nothing terribly exciting happens, and the suspenseful moments that do occur, again, I'VE ALREADY SEEN IN THE TRAILER!

     So finally they are off of the plane and Craven's true spirit comes shinging through. A chase through the airport (where Lisa trips and falls twice, stares down her pursuer before running, etc..) leads to a cat and mouse game inside Lisa's home with knives and fire extinguishers. Straight out of every other movie Craven has ever made. "Ooo oo..look out! He's hiding behind the shower curtain!"

     Basically everything that happens in the entire film is pointless and predictable. We find out that Jack has been stalking Lisa for months. He goes through this huge charade to convince her he's the good guy. Then he waits until she boards a plane during an electric storm to get her to make a cell-phone call for him. Why!? Just abduct her in the first place, tie her up and force her to make the phone call. Why jump through all of these absurd and ridiculous hoops and allow her mulitple chances to alert the authorities and escape? Because Wes Craven wrote it down on paper. That's why.

     So, let's remove all the stupidity of this movie: the insane storyline, the cliche "horror-movie" type scenes, the pointlessness of pretty much everything that happens and completely suspend your disbelief. I was actually sort-of going with it, when the most bull-shit, annoying, cliche, piss me off moment happens...TWICE! Her cell phone loses its signal in the heart of Miami. Then the battery goes dead. You know how often my cell phone loses its signal? Never. From that point on, I hated this movie.

     I should've known better. In 90% of cases, I'm a very good judge of whether I will like a movie based on a trailer. I took a gamble and lost. I don't blame Wes, I can only blame myself. I should've known. There are one or two possibly good movies showing now, and even better yet, "Star Wars: Episode III" is still playing at the dollar theater. Go see that instead. I'll probably see you there.

     Oh yeah, and my buddy Colby, from the 2nd season of "Survivor" played the role of a secret service agent for the director of homeland security. A small treat for me in this disgrace of a movie.

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