Every other review I've read for this film mentions the similarities between "Saw" and the movie "Se7en." So I won't. It is the story of 2 guys chained to a wall in a room together by a madman playing a game. They are given a few objects to confuse them, torment them and help them, including saws, and must figure out why they are there and how to stay alive. And oh yeah, there is a dead body clutching a revolver lying on the floor just out of reach between them. Less gory than I thought it would be, but plenty of shockers, "Saw" eats at your "nervous" system and will creep you out plenty often.

      The problem lies in this: the acting was atrocious! Cary Elwes needs acting classes now. I never did think "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" was all that funny. Anyway, even Glover and Monica Potter were lame. The other issue is the believability of it all. It's one of those movies that bugs me because of characters' stupidity or utter lack of anything resembling luck. I'm constantly shouting at the television, "why don't you just do [this] or [that]!?" Usually I was saying it to the retarded detectives working on the case. I can't stand it in movies when cops act like they flunked fourth grade, or postulate that they've never gone through years of intense training of how to handle stressful and dangerous scenarios.

      Getting past the sub-par acting and the suspension of disbelief, "Saw" was really good. I enjoyed the originality of the whole story, and the intense situations. The plot is so bizarre and is not predictable at all. I was interested to see how they get out of the situation (if they would get out at all).
      The budget for this film was minimal and was filmed all in 18 days. You'd never know it though for its creepy sets and visionary editing. It did well financially so it's got decent word of mouth appeal too. I'm not so much into the horror genre, so giving this movie a positive review is really saying something about the film. Watch the film alone or with a significant other in the dark with a single small candle burning in the corner, and it will give you that extra little jolt. Not the greatest ever, but definitely worth the rental price. Can't think of anything clever for my final comment; so I'll just say that the ups and downs in this movie are similar to a see-saw; so do it. Sorry.

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