Sin City
Director: Robert Rodriguez (Desperado series, From Dusk til Dawn) Frank Miller, Quentin Tarantino (guest)
Writer: Frank Miller (graphic novels)
Producer: Elizabeth Avellan
Starring: Bruce Willis, Clive Owen, Benecio Del Toro, Elijah Wood, Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba, Rosario Dawson
MPAA Rating:R
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      “It's time to prove to your friends that you're worth a damn. Sometimes that means dying, sometimes it means killing a whole lot of people.”

     Hell yes! ...and that's just what happens.  This movie was classic Rodriguez; with over the top violence and stunts that are completely unbelievable.  It was Quentin Tarantino meets awesome as hell.  The film consists of three seperate stories that become inter-related by the end.  They are based on "novels" by Frank Miller.

     Each story revolves around a different bad-ass character on a mission of such ludocrocy (my word) that you can't help but be riveted by this film from the start.  The leads are all but invincible as they have sworn an oath to help or protect someone (usually a girl), and do so no matter what the odds against them are.  Some may be repulsed by the blood and the blood.  There is also some blood mixed in.  Although there is a lot of said blood, much of it appears as a flurescent white or yellow color to fit with the motif of the film.

     Filmed totally in black and white with only certain objects or people in color to accentuate their importance (or just creative license).  It is film noir kicked into high gear by one of my favorite story-tellers.  To say it is pulpy is an understatement.  Trench coats blowing in the wind, dark alleys and everyone drives a 1940-something convertible.  Although I hate to make comparisons, if you
My favorite character "Marv,"
played by Mickey Rourke
have ever played or seen the video game Max Payne, you would swear one was made directly from the idea of the other; right down to the characters' voices and clothing.  It is a cliche disguised with genius and originality.

Side Note: Elijah Wood is no longer the Hobbit-esque pussy he's been in previous films.

     There are far too many big stars in it to name them all, but you can check the full cast at imdb.
Or, if you prefer, you can visit the official site.