Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
Director: Steve Box, Nick Park
Writer: Nick Park
Producers: Claire Jennings, Nick Park
Starring (voices): Peter Sallis, Ralph Fiennes, Helena Bonham Carter, Peter Kay, Nicholas Smith
MPAA Rating: G
Running time: 85 min
read my spoiler disclaimer

     Gonna keep this one short....I promise. Off the top of my head I think this is the only animated film I saw in 2005. If not, it was the best one I saw. The number one rated film on rotten tomatoes as well. I think that really says something. I never watched the TV show so I have nothing to compare it to and probably why I liked it so much.

      Wallace & Gromit is not true animation. It is actually clay-mation. The way characters emotions and reactions are portrayed through clay is fairly remarkable. Big eyes, squinty eyes, screams, growls, ears waving in the wind, tumbles and falls are all done superbly. It's not CGI or computer animation either. These lads did this film the old-fashioned way; moving the clay slightly and taking a frame. I had a good time.

      It's not "Monster's Inc." (my favorite animated film), but it's still a barrel of laughs and the script is very original and fun. It's great for the whole family and adults will see humor in a lot of scenes that the kids won't pick up on.

      There are a couple voice actors that you may or may not recognize. It took me a while to pinpoint Helena Bonham Carter during my viewing. So the stars aren't huge, but big enough to possibly recognize. I always thought that getting big stars to do the voices was over-rated anyway. It gets people into the theater but is completely unnecessary to make a good picture.

      If you've ever seen "Chicken Run," you kind of know what to expect. It's the same type of movement and comedy. That's probably because it's made by the same people responsible for the aforementioned film. Which was also very good and fun to watch a second or third time. I think Wallace & Gromit deserves a second viewing as well.

      It's a strange world and possibly actually freaky to certain children or if you're taking LSD. It's not scary or terrifying by any stretch, it's just very odd and I remember particular odd things scaring me as a child. The dog never talks, but he always knows the smart thing to do, unlike his human friend with whom he is partners in a vegetable security company. When a mysterious creature begins to circumvent security, the boys must act fast to capture the beast before the town's annual giant vegetable competition.

      Simple and silly, Wallace & Gromit is fun for everyone and I recommend it to all; especially those with kids. You'll laugh and enjoy yourself. And this is not a knock, but it's also fairly short which can be a blessing at times. Again, especially for those with kids. Rent it today and you'll have an adventursome and funny evening.