White Noise

     A quick one: Not a particularly scary movie, but it is a little creepy. It's all about this phenomna called EVP or electronic voice phenomena. Apparently this is a real deal. Check out the links below to see more. Michael Keaton stars as a man whose life turns upside down when he learns the power of EVP to contact his dead wife. Basically, it is a ghost story.

     What makes this ghost story much better than the latest batch of corny horror films is that you never get to actually see the ghosts. You only hear them and briefly see them via a static laden monitor. This adds to the general sense of the unknown.

     I can't recommend that you sit around on a Saturday afternoon and watch this film. But, if you'd like to sit with the lights off late at night with no one around, it certainly can be chilling. I even got a few goosebumps now and then as well.

     Another thing that makes this film stand out a little is the lack of stupid "jump out at you" moments with the big orchestral chord at volume level 15. Despite the fact that I basically liked this movie, I can't recommend it to all; but some of you, if caught in the right mood, will enjoy the scare. Although definitely not an A+ movie, it is a solid B. A rarity for "scary" movies with me.
You never really see the ghosts live,
but they're there.

The official EVP website - - They actually have real samples of messages from beyond the grave you can listen to...creepy.
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